As part of their strategy to optimise their supply chain, continuously evaluate and initiate efficiency improvements, a business-wide re-organisation of AMC Networks (NASDAQ:AMCX) technology infrastructure and media working practices was undertaken with advice and assistance from Three Media. The aim was to produce a new, flexible operation that ensured efficient disaster recovery action, but which also maintained corporate continuity, reduced costs and maximised efficiencies.

This transformation, enabling automation and operations visibility, ensured that the US based entertainment media group was able to react to the coronavirus crisis through a seamless transition to remote operations. They were among the best prepared and, with minimal disruption, were able not only to keep the operation going but to introduce many new initiatives and launch on many more platforms. This cemented the success of the transformation programme.

Learn more from AMC Networks’ David Hunter (Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer) and Joshua Berger (Senior Vice President, Media Management) who recently spoke with the IABM’s Lisa Collins.