Do you suffer with a sluggish supply chain? How about log-jammed workflows? Do you find that your company battles within effective business processes? We joined the DPP’s most recent Innovation Week to demonstrate (very swiftly as we only had 3 minutes!) how we can kick-start your business and show you in 30 days just how easy it could be to create a slicker supply chain, an optimised workflow, or perhaps even to re-define your business processes – proven through the AI/ML capability in XEN:Pipeline.

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Read our extended article “Three Media holds the key to unlocking business inefficiencies, in just 30 days” here.

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About DPP
DPP Ltd is the media industry’s business network.

It is a not-for-profit company with an international membership that spans the whole media supply chain, covering global technology companies, production companies, digital agencies, suppliers, service providers, post production facilities, online platforms, broadcasters, distributors and not-for-profit organisations.

The DPP harnesses the collective intelligence of its membership to generate insight, enable change and create market opportunities.

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