Realise the benefits of Smart Working with XEN: Pipeline.
A Content Supply Chain Solution a media and cloud orchestration platform.



As the number of data repositories grows, being aware of where content is available and describing, indexing, and making sense of it, intelligently, is of commercial and competitive advantage.

XEN’s data analytics and validation are high value AI services providing surety over your inventory and confidence it is being fully leveraged.

Whether in the cloud, on premise or a desktop on the other side of the world, XEN: Pipeline’s onboarding tools presents and readies your content for production.


People are your most valuable resource and smart workflow automation will maximise their contribution and value adding potential to your business.

An optimised workflow reflects the promise of what your technology and process design can achieve – to do more and do it efficiently.

XEN: Pipeline’s Next Step Work Manager will be your single, greatest investment opportunity to support and leverage your people’s talents and to generate real, structural business profitability.

Content Orchestration

Consolidating metadata and content processing, task assignment and workflow automation across your internal and third-party systems, requires integration and business process management (BPM).

XEN: Pipeline orchestration provides the backbone to your content supply chain solution and the interfacing layer for suppliers and customers alike.

Content orchestration is the secret ingredient that turns asset management and process control into something special; something that can be unified, monitored, managed, and distributed.


The complexity and ever-evolving requirements of your distribution and customer channels is a challenge to product quality, cost control and service level guarantees.

Utilising connected resources and business rules, XEN: packaging prepares, prioritises, and publishes all file types with tailored metadata and responds dynamically to changes in demand.

XEN: Pipeline auto package and delivery can be managed through traditional or new Web3.0 technologies and cloud-based e-commerce services.


Cost control and resource utilisation are critical measures in the management of underlying profitability and contribute greatly to understanding business efficiency.

Strengthening your budget and bid processes, XEN provides dynamic SLA simulation and workflow optimisation analysis and projections, using advanced cognitive analysis.

XEN: Pipeline Horizon and cost modelling is a next generation approach to finance and operational oversight and the justification of all resource investment.

We understand your requirements. We ensure our products deliver the most cost effective solution to meet your objectives.

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