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XEN:Transformer provides a fast and effective mechanism to transform data from one format into another in a completely automated way.

The system is deployed at numerous customer sites around the World, and handles many thousands of data transformations every day. Complex, rules-driven transformations can take place within a few seconds. It radically reduces the cost and complexity of data transformations, and can be quickly and effectively deployed to integrate technical or business systems. It includes a full web-based workflow dashboard and can issue email, screen, SMS and log messages describing any workflow outcome or status.

What is XEN:Transformer ?

Operating Systems

MS Windows, Unix, Linux or full Cloud deployment

Data Input Formats

Excel, XML, Word, PDF, database connect, web services, email, RSS, IP data stream…

Data Output Formats

XML, web services, database connect, Word, PDF, CSV…

Workflow Triggers

Manual / User Interface, watch-folders, IP stream, web services, email

What are the Benefits ?

XEN:Transformer is already deployed at client sites around the World managing:

XEN:Transformer can be configured to deliver almost any data transformation requirement automatically, quickly, efficiently accurately and at an incredibly low cost.

Application Examples

XEN:Transformer is part of Three Media’s XEN Suite platform and is available to customers either as a standalone application or a Cloud solution.

The Cloud version of XEN:Transformer is available for customers as a PAYG solution, managed on Amazon’s secure hosting platform.

A customer-site deployment option is available and this can be installed onto any suitable Windows, Linux or Unix server.

Deployment & Licensing Options

System Data Managed

…and many more!

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