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Operating Systems

MS Windows, Unix, Linux or full Cloud deployment

Do you recognise any of these problems and have they been hard to diagnose or fix?

Problem Resolution

Model data is stored within a specially tuned database which is able to deal with the enormous amount of data required to support complex calculations and scenarios.

The graphing tool uses complex mathematical algorithms, to allow graphs to be rendered and zoomed accurately and quickly. XEN:Sim runs on any Windows or MAC desktop running standard browsers.

Technical Features

XEN:Sim is a brand new software package which allows users to simulate complex business and technical environments. It has been specially designed for media and broadcast and is the first of its kind in this market.

XEN:Sim helps businesses to model existing or planned environments and workflows, in order to test different business or technical scenarios and identify bottlenecks, issues or opportunities.

It provides a way of accurately predicting growth, future requirements and profit/loss.

What is XEN:Sim ?
Key Features

Typical areas modelled with XEN:Sim so far include:

What Can Xen:Sim Model ?

Any CEO, COO, CTO, CIO or user responsible for a business, department, technical platform or delivery process will be able to model different scenarios.

XEN:Sim has already demonstrated in the field, how it can quickly identify business opportunities and generate massive efficiencies and savings.

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