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XEN:Plus  provides a fully-automated and managed environment. Programme and asset metadata & supplemental files can be collated, edited, managed, validated and packaged for delivery to the rapidly growing list of non-linear platforms.

XEN:Plus is based on the XEN:Transformer engine and imports data from common supply formats with a known structure, for example Excel work-books, XML, CSV, Word and more.

What is XEN:Plus ?

Operating Systems

MS Windows, Unix, Linux or full Cloud deployment

Data Input Formats

Excel, XML, Word, PDF, Database Connect, Web Services, Email, RSS, IP Data Stream…

Data Output Formats

XML, Web Services, Database Connect, Word, PDF, CSV…

Workflow Triggers

Manual / User Interface, Watch-Folders, IP Stream, Web Services, Email

XEN:Plus manages delivery of all of the core data groups & supplemental files to non-Linear platforms

What does Xen:Plus Manage ?

XEN:Plus provides a fully integrated and automated environment in which:

What are the Benefits ?

Core programme metadata includes:


All of the above can be managed with the required  language, locale and character sets.

XEN:Plus incorporates all of the features of XEN:Transformer and therefore supports;

Key Features

iTunes Film

iTunes TV

iTunes Concert



Google Play

You Tube


Sony Playstation


UPC Poland


Canal Digital




Telecom Italia

Non-Linear Platforms

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XEN:Plus can be locally installed at a client site or accessed securely as a Cloud Service option. PAYG fees are per transaction with a volume discount.