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XEN:Transformer, Xen:Plus and Xen:Sim all use the core XEN:Engine component to manage common system components and requirements such as:

The XEN:Engine can run on any Windows, Unix or Linux platform and can be configured to run many concurrent workflow AddIns simultaneously. Our clients run XEN: instances that manage many thousands of workflows each day and deployments typically run unattended for many months at a time. The Engine is designed to be a fast and totally reliable workhorse supporting the application layers for XEN:Transformer, XEN:Plus and XEN:Sim.

XEN:Engine allows clients to add in as many bespoke AddIns as they wish. Individual AddIns can be customized to run anything from simple transformations of Excel data into XMLs, through to multiple threads handling disparate data sources with complex logic used to update various business or technical systems.

XEN:Engine can be deployed on any Windows, Linux or Unix server either in the Cloud or on a Client’s own hardware.

Core Components