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Three Media Associates operate a flexible and mobile team of media and broadcast professionals capable of delivering projects ranging from individual assignments to complex multi-site programmes.

We have worked for clients spanning the entire value chain; from rights holders, channel operators to service providers and public broadcasters.

Our team has been professionally involved in media and broadcast for decades and has worked together on projects for the last 10 years.

"Our commitment, depth of knowledge, quality of work and flexibility are what defines us"

Business  Processes Technology Change Project Delivery Specialist  Resources Product Evaluation Simulation Modelling Business Processes Technology Change Simulation Modelling Project Delivery

Implementation, Test, Design and Management Resources

We can provide individual or team resources, who can work independently or integrate with existing management or departmental teams.

Management services include:

Product Evalution
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We regularly provide resources to cover a variety of roles, anything from 1 day to several months. Our Clients find this an extremely effective way to manage short-term resource or expertise problems.

We are able to flex up and down resources at short notice, to allow Clients to deal with the unexpected.

" We’d not have got anywhere near to delivering this project without TMA "