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Three Media Associates operate a flexible and mobile team of media and broadcast professionals capable of delivering projects ranging from individual assignments to complex multi-site programmes.

We have worked for clients spanning the entire value chain; from rights holders, channel operators to service providers and public broadcasters.

Our team has been professionally involved in media and broadcast for decades and has worked together on projects for the last 10 years.

"Our commitment, depth of knowledge, quality of work and flexibility are what defines us"

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Workflow & Applications Modelling

For several years, we have used computer based simulation modelling software to help our Clients achieve their improvements and efficiency objectives. Our XEN:Sim product helps improve your business’s operational and technical sectors, while producing significant financial benefits that you may never knew existed. Xen:Sim has been developed specifically for the media and broadcast sector and as such we are unique in our field.

Customised modelling allows workflows to be accurately simulated, bottlenecks identified and effective solutions developed. XEN:Sim is the ideal tool for companies that recognise the need for change, but are concerned about the costs, resources and delays required to achieve meaningful results using standard techniques.

We believe our compelling product is perfect for all decision makers who not only need to model, but to also demonstrate their approach to their own organisation and Clients.

Launched at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas, XEN:Sim helps organisations make informed and effective decisions. It does this by allowing them to utilise their intellect, experience and resources to :

XEN:Sim converts masses of disparate data into clear, compelling, accurate information. Business strategy, processes and technical components are analysed and addressed.

The primary benefits of XEN:Sim are:

For more information on how XEN:Sim would benefit your organisation, download the Three Media Executive Briefing.

Executive Briefing

System Dynamics and Simulation Modelling

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