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Three Media Associates operate a flexible and mobile team of media and broadcast professionals capable of delivering projects ranging from individual assignments to complex multi-site programmes.

We have worked for clients spanning the entire value chain; from rights holders, channel operators to service providers and public broadcasters.

Our team has been professionally involved in media and broadcast for decades and has worked together on projects for the last 10 years.

"Our commitment, depth of knowledge, quality of work and flexibility are what defines us"

Business Process Re-engineering, Workflow Design and Implementation

We have been involved for many years in operations and design. We have an excellent understanding of generic business processes, how workflows can support and enhance these and finally, the impact on the end user. Change management in particular has been key in most of our recent major projects.

New workflows can be designed and implemented or existing ones adapted, with the over-riding objective of improving efficiency and throughput.

Data Model and Metadata Mappings

Metadata is now key to the success of any new media project. We have experience in depth on data model design, implementation and transformation.

We have created generic data models for initial site deployments, proof of concept builds and sales proposals. We are also skilled in mapping Client’s data to an existing model, and providing specifications for translations in and out of any platform, either for data migration or integration to a new product or service.

Our own products XEN and XEN:Plus have been designed to manage the transformation of metadata from any format delivered to any platform, and these are widely and successfully deployed on multiple Client sites, delivering order from chaos.

Author or Review Functional Specifications

Specifications can be written or reviewed to enhance or to provide new functionality for a product or platform, ensuring any changes are future-proofed.

We are well accustomed to having to modify existing systems in line with new requirements.


All forms of reporting are covered but most recently for data import/export routines, technical formats, data migration and ‘standard’ audit reports.

We are strong believers in the value of reporting to enhance the value of systems and data for customers.


We have previously provided detailed documentation on business processes, testing, training, user guides and deployments.

Our work over the years has involved the generation of many document types and we are used to adopting styles which suit specific Clients’ needs

Customised End-User Training

A number of our Associates can design, deliver or manage a full training programme on a wide variety of topics, including new business processes and procedures, technical standards and system design.

We can supplement and / or validate existing Client or Supplier resources and documentation.

Computer Simulation

We have the capability to create simulation tools for validating the process workflow design of human tasks and automated system components, to maximise operational efficiency.

Broadcasters have found the simulation tool invaluable in setting up their processes, estimating throughput and planning capacity and procurement. This could be a significant addition to the existing services offered. (XEN:Sim)

Requirements Capture

Typically achieved by sitting with the users and documenting their requirements and / or by holding business workshops, acting as an arbitrator to ensure that user and business requirements are validated.

Our strength is in the level of detail and accuracy in which the requirements are captured, as these drive the design and later the system and user acceptance testing.

Technology Change Simulation Modelling Specialist Resources Project Delivery Product Evalution
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